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Equal vs. Fair: Which Choice is Best for Your Children? Part II

In my previous blog, I discussed a situation I frequently encounter: the struggle many parents face trying to balance their desire to treat their children both equally and in the same manner with the recognition that this approach may not … Continue reading

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Family or Friends vs. Professional Trustees

In selecting a Trustee, your first reaction may be to choose a friend, business associate, or family member to serve as Trustee.  However, the duties and responsibilities of the Trustee may be overwhelming.  Serving as a Trustee is a big … Continue reading


Non-judicial Settlement Agreements: Changing the Irrevocable

Over the past twenty years that I’ve been practicing law, not infrequently, a client has called to say, “You remember that irrevocable trust we set up?  Well, now I need to change it.”  Prior to the enactment of the Massachusetts … Continue reading

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What Elder Law Means to Me

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I attended a client’s funeral earlier this week.  About a month ago, I was at her home, where she signed some documents to adjust ownership of her assets and change her estate plan, so that her husband would be protected … Continue reading


What Do I Do After a Loved One Dies?

We as attorneys are often asked about what steps need to be taken following an individual’s death.  Whether it’s expected or accidental, the death of a loved one is often surprising.  Some actions must be taken immediately, while with others … Continue reading

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Equal vs. Fair: Which Choice is Best for Your Children?

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Perhaps no parental decision is more gut wrenching than a decision to treat some of your children differently than others when it comes to their inheritance.  Most clients are very reluctant to differentiate among their children.  And yet as unfair … Continue reading


Changes in Reverse Mortgage Rules

Beginning in October, the rules regarding who can qualify for a reverse mortgage and how much money you can draw against your home will be changing dramatically.  The bad news is that, in many cases, you will not be able … Continue reading

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Trust Planning and Flexibility

With the federal Estate and Gift Tax Unified Credit and the Generation Skipping Transfer Tax exemption now at $5,250,000 and indexed for inflation, and with the Rule Against Perpetuities running for 100 years or more or having been eliminated entirely … Continue reading


Are Irrevocable Trusts Still Irrevocable in Massachusetts?

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The past couple of years have brought many changes to trust law in Massachusetts, which provide new and interesting techniques enabling Trustees to deal with the challenges that often arise over the course of administering irrevocable trusts. Last year, Massachusetts … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Summer Cottages

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I like practicing elder law because, among other things, my elder clients think that I’m still young at 62. As a relatively elderly elder law lawyer (quite a mouthful) I also find myself identifying more with my clients than I … Continue reading

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