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Jason is an associate in the firm's Trusts and Estates Group, Family Law Group and Land Use Group. He focuses his practice on estate planning, estate administration, guardianships, conservatorships, probate litigation, elder law matters, family law controversies and residential real estate transactions.

Beneficiary Designations: Are yours up-to-date?

When I meet with clients, I always discuss beneficiary designations.  These conversations are needed before any planning decisions are made.  We must review assets and confirm the current designations.  Once any new estate planning documents have been drafted and executed, … Continue reading

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Observation vs. Admission: The Impact of Hospital Stay Classification

Elder law attorneys nationwide have seen a rise in the “observation” classification of individuals entering hospitals.  This recent trend towards observation status rather than the traditional “admitted inpatient” status has a direct impact on the amount an individual will be … Continue reading

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Property Memorandums: How Do I leave my Personal Items Fairly?

In most meetings with clients, I always find myself discussing how to distribute an individual’s personal property upon their death.  For a large number of clients, distributing personal items among children or family members are the hardest decisions to make … Continue reading

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Laws Allow Claims Against Fiduciaries for Nursing Home Care

To follow-up on my post on November 14, 2003, regarding the responsibility of others to pay for nursing home costs, and similar posts on this blog regarding Medicaid planning, two states have recently enacted laws that allow nursing homes to … Continue reading

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Nursing Homes: Who’s Responsible to Pay?

Recently, I have been asked a number of times if a family member is responsible for the costs of nursing home care of another family member.  Last year, it was reported that a son in Pennsylvania was sent a $93,000 … Continue reading

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Annuities Assisting with Medicaid Qualification

Annuities are often used when a married couple attempts to qualify one spouse for benefits and the spouse living at home (the “Community Spouse”) may have more assets than are allowed.  This strategy enables one spouse to receive the care … Continue reading


DOMA Overturned: Justice and Its Effect on Your Planning

See Jason Port’s newest client alert regarding “DOMA Overturned: Justice and Its Effect on Your Planning.” 

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Working with Social Security on behalf of a Loved One

Even when the federal government is not in a financial shut-down, dealing with the Social Security Administration (the “SSA”) can require extreme patience.  A frequent question from clients is how to deal with the SSA on behalf of another individual … Continue reading


MassHealth Planning Strategy: What is a “(d)(4)(C) trust”?

Misinformation is a concern voiced by clients when discussing their estate planning and potential long term medical care goals.  I have clients comment that “the state will take everything if I go into a nursing home”, “I cannot give away … Continue reading


What Do I Do After a Loved One Dies?

We as attorneys are often asked about what steps need to be taken following an individual’s death.  Whether it’s expected or accidental, the death of a loved one is often surprising.  Some actions must be taken immediately, while with others … Continue reading

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