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Commonwealth Proposes Sweeping Changes to MassHealth Regulations

On November 23, 2016, MassHealth issued proposed regulations that seek to implement sweeping changes to the Commonwealth’s health insurance program, also known as MassHealth. Thousands of seniors and disabled individuals rely on MassHealth benefits to provide for their skilled nursing … Continue reading

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Paying Your Caregiver

Our clients (let’s call them Frank and Mary) live in a very pleasant retirement community, and that is where they want to stay.  They would prefer not to have the “intrusiveness” of assisted living.  They like being in the safety … Continue reading

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Benefits Planning with Income Tax Deductions

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Co-authored by Janet W. Moore This is the first of a series of blog posts on real-life situations that may apply to you and your family, where the solutions involve some combination of government benefits planning and tax planning. This … Continue reading

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Annuities Assisting with Medicaid Qualification

Annuities are often used when a married couple attempts to qualify one spouse for benefits and the spouse living at home (the “Community Spouse”) may have more assets than are allowed.  This strategy enables one spouse to receive the care … Continue reading



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I just read an interesting article from AARP that provided information to help you determine when and how to take your Social Security benefits and how you should relate that decision to your broader financial planning for retirement.  I regularly … Continue reading

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A Proposed Senate Bill May Help Seniors Stay At Home

There is a bill presently pending in the Committee on Health Care Financing of the Massachusetts State Legislature. The bill (Bill S. 517), sponsored by Senators James B. Eldridge of Acton, Massachusetts and Michael O. Moore of Millbury, Massachusetts, and … Continue reading

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MassHealth Planning Strategy: What is a “(d)(4)(C) trust”?

Misinformation is a concern voiced by clients when discussing their estate planning and potential long term medical care goals.  I have clients comment that “the state will take everything if I go into a nursing home”, “I cannot give away … Continue reading